How many of you are stuck doing jobs just because it’s what you happen to have a degree in? Or maybe, it’s just the best job that you can get right now. For years, I held jobs that I knew I would be good at. I would take the job, excel as high as I could go, then I would get bored. The challenge was gone. I wasn’t learning. I wasn’t growing. I was not being creative. (Example: bank teller. Not that it’s a bad job, but there was no challenge. I went a year without an error; but I did love interacting with the clients.) I knew that chapter was closed and I needed a new one. Here’s another question. How many of you are doing what you love? What I love, my passion, my creative gift, is writing. For many years, I said I never wanted to work as a writer because I felt like I never wanted any boundaries or assigned rules placed on my creativity. It’s only now, this past year really, that I learned that I can indeed have a job – a paying one – doing what I love to do! Once I figured that out,  it was a game changer for me. I write. I sought out information, did some research. What I found is that many people, all kinds of people, could greatly use a person with creative writing skills. I love when I encounter other people in a different industry, jewelry makers, massage therapists, etcetera, who say to me “I know how to talk to you about what I do, I just can’t craft it into words.” And that’s when I knew that MY passion, my creative talent really could be my job! In high school, people would come to me, tell me how they felt about their boyfriends or girlfriends, and I would write poems or love letters that they’d then give to them. I thought it was sweet, because I’m a hopeless romantic. In retrospect, that was my first clue that there were other people out there who needed my services. 

I am so glad to say that now, I am doing a job that I love, and loving what I do. My art, my passion can indeed be my career.

Are you doing what you love?