Last week, I participated in an incredible experience. I stepped out of my comfort zone to meet and engage with strong, motivated women. While I am definitely a  vibrant personality once I’ve met and conversed with a person, at first, I’m still that very shy girl who sat in the last row, last seat and kept my nose in the books, in high school. This was a chance for me to meet new people and I wanted to try it out. This program was started locally by an inspiring woman, Sheena Jeffers, who had this idea to bring women together. Another thing that drew me in was the name of the group, “Well Women”. My newfound liberty and freedom since my divorce had led me on the path to wellness. I gave it a try and was blown away. It was the first time that I was doing something as me, my true self. I was meeting other women and presenting myself as I proudly am- a divorcee, a mother, a creative, a writer and a lesbian. That alone felt great. Then we got into the discussion led by a moving an talented artist, Betsy DiJulio, who shared her story of loss (she was widowed suddenly & lost her dog and her mom shortly after). But it was also the story of her journey to wellness. It was incredible. Then we had a discussion and the question that stood out most to me was, “What did you gain from loss?” That was when it really occurred to me that I gained so much from loss! I gained my identity. I gained my self worth. I gained my pride and I gained my strength! Think about it from a different perspective. What have you gained from a loss? (We referred to it as positive gains!)