Earlier today, I began a blog post. Technology has its flaws of course and my    original blog post did not save. I have always been a believer in the phrase, “everything happens for a reason”. So instead of huffing and puffing about words that are now gone, I decided to ponder why, perhaps they were never meant to be posted. 

The post was about finding time to create; something I’ve found very difficult over the past year. I thought about what I had written. The words were meant to come out to help me through that thought process. So in writing about being able to find time to create, not only had I found time, but I also created. 

It is my very favorite thing about writing. Each time I place a word, it is taking me some place, down some road, closer to some realization. Those particular words may be gone but they still served a purpose. I have always said that if what I’ve written strikes a chord with even just one person, then it was totally worth writing. This time that person was my very own self. Goodbye words and thank you for the message. I will continue to write it out. (*as if that was a choice) 😜