The beauty of time is that it is continuous. There lies before each of us, experience, adventure and joy. Of course no life is perfect and disappointment and hard lessons await too. But those are all a matter of perspective, I think; each is an opportunity to learn something about yourself or about life. 

I believe it is a good idea, as each year commences, to think about the things you’d like to add to your life or improve in your life. I don’t call them resolutions. I try to make a goal that I can meet, a change that I can feasibly accomplish and measure within a year. It’s a good idea to make it something you can be attached to. Make some sort of reminder or alert for yourself to keep track. Some find a vision board (Great vision board link) motivational and helpful. I like to read motivational quotes that are relevant to my goals. Also, keep yourself accountable by sharing your goal. I will share one of mine. I plan to be more creative this year. I feel compelled to nurture my artist side, in various ways. Do I know yet how that will manifest? No. But I know that it feels important to me. When I think quietly and reach into my spirit, that is what I hear and feel. 

What does your spirit tell you?