Introvert: a shy, reticent person (-a most basic definition, as introverts have many layers)

Extrovert: an outgoing, overtly expressive person

Are you like me? Are you out there, introverted extroverts? I know I am not the only one. It’s like this, you see, to be an introverted extrovert. I am shy. I am even maybe timid a bit. It may sometimes even look like I am mean (city-raised defense mechanism). It may also look like I am stuck up and stand-offish. But, I am not. It’s just what it’s like to be an introvert. I love people! I love talking to people. When I first meet someone, I am usually quieter. Some of it is shyness, some of it is assessing the situation. I am a person who relies strongly on my intuition and the energy I feel around people. I take this in, and it helps navigate me as to how to proceed. Sometimes this is instantaneous, because energy can be strong and can be a great indicator. Sometimes, I need a little more time. But, once I have met someone and have a good vibe, well then, it’s a horse of a different color! (or a unicorn) I am vibrant and enthusiastic. The extrovert comes sashaying right on out, and then my issue is to gauge how much sparkle to sprinkle on the situation!

I know there are tons of us. I love social interactions. I love talking to people hearing their stories. I love things like laughing, dancing, coffee-ing (that’s a thing because I say so). BUT, I also very much love quiet time, walks in nature (with my amazing wife), reading and occasionally, solitude. It’s important to me to note that the occasional desire for solitude does not mean someone is depressed. For me, especially being an empath, I need that time to recharge. And as a writer, I need that time to connect with words and thoughts. I’m sure this is true for anyone who does something creative, like painting, pottery, etc…

I sometimes have to force myself out of my shell. Because if we give into the shy nature too much, it can lead to loneliness. And that busy little extrovert in me just won’t have it!

What’s it like for you?